This is why every CEO blogger needs a LOYSO (List Of Your Strongest Opinions)

What are your strongest opinions?

Whilst you don’t need to write them on a horse, you do need a very clear List Of Your Strongest Opinions (or #LOYSO for short)


LOYSO – List Of Your Strongest Opinions

Every CEO and Senior Executive needs a List Of Your Strongest Opinions. It’s a list that collects:

  • Your strongest opinions and beliefs.
  • The best 10% of your work.
  • The opinions that differentiate you from your peers.

This piece from Orbit Media talks about building “a list of everything you know”.  That’s a great way to think about what you’re collecting on this list.

This list can be as simple as a few bullet points on a piece of paper.

For a CEO or senior exec, the list of strong opinions can also be an operating manual. Many influential management books are simply an expanded list of strong opinions – i.e. The Hard Thing About Hard Things, or High Output Management.

For an example of this kind of list, see ours here on the Resources page. This page contains all our strongest opinions and beliefs across marketing, thought leadership and CEO blogging. This page continues to evolve over time, but it’s our central place for collecting all our strongest opinions and best pieces of content. It makes it easy for others to get a feel for what really differentiates us.

Start with strong opinions, and you’ll build strong thought leadership

A well developed list of opinions is an essential foundation for thought leadership marketing (See also: What is thought leadership marketing?). These are the themes that will come up, time and time again, tying all of your content together. If you don’t start with a list of strong opinions, it’s unlikely you’ll ever produce a great and coherent body of work.

From a content perspective, a CEO who doesn’t have strong opinions is a very hard CEO to build thought leadership around. Because if you don’t have strong opinions that differentiate you from your peers – how do you expect to be known as a leader of the industry?

Update: We just published a follow up to this piece: “If your opinion ain’t differentiated, it ain’t useful”.

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