Vulnerability in B2B marketing

By October 14, 2015CEO blogging

Content that shows you’re vulnerable strengthens your credibility

  • Vulnerability signals authenticity, which leads to trust
  • All forms of social media are human platforms – Talk about your learning experiences to cut through typical B2B marketing
  • LinkedIn Publisher is a great place to repurpose and leverage authentic content

Transcript of the video:

Vulnerability can be powerful in B2B marketing. Vulnerability and B2B marketing aren’t two concepts that you commonly put together. If you want to really cut through and have more expert authority as well as be seen as a much better candidate for interview by the press, it all really starts with being more vulnerable.

Publishing content that shows your vulnerability only strengthens your credibility

It sounds contradictory but it’s really all about showing people that you’re human and very authentic in what you’re doing.

A common question that I get when we start talking about this to clients is “won’t being vulnerable and showing that sometimes we do get things wrong be a detriment to my credibility?”

Well, that doesn’t have to be case – if you do it right, you’re talking about vulnerability. You’re talking about your past mistakes that are very much in the past. It is what shaped you and what you who you are today.

Share your challenges to create a more human image and drive better engagement

Some topics to think about that can do this really well are ‘war stories’ where everything went wrong three, four or five years ago, what you learnt about that and what some of your clients can learn about these mistakes to avoid making them. You talk about your biggest mistake and your hardest learning experience. All of which, if really great content, especially if you’re publishing a lot to social media. If you think about social – it’s a very human platform. It’s all about stories. When you show yourself as human and vulnerable, that’s got big cut through. 

If you’re publishing to LinkedIn Publisher, which is a great place for B2B businesses to be repurposing their content, this kind of vulnerable human authentic content is really powerful. It will get you great traction. 

In conclusion: 

The key action item here to takeaway is that by talking about your mistakes in the specific context of shaping your current success, you will generate a lot of attention and engagement. It will feel uncomfortable at first but push through and press ‘publish’ – you’ll see great returns.

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