Your business blog is much more than just a marketing asset


Your blog can be more than just a marketing asset

There are several strong marketing reasons to have a business blog, including:

  • Driving traffic to your business
  • Attracting inbound sales prospects
  • Building industry leadership

But beyond marketing, your blog is also a valuable testing ground for new sales ideas.

Blogging is a quick way to test market reaction

Your blog is the quickest way to evaluate your ideas with real market feedback. It can quickly determine how your clients and prospects will react to your new ideas (whether you’re thinking about R&D, or just a new sales presentation).

New ideas are time consuming and expensive. This is why any kind of validation of these ideas is so important – gauging market interest before you invest significant time and money.

Faster feedback drives better returns

Blogging your ideas can help mitigate the risk and build confidence to invest. Getting your idea across via a blog opens up your business to an audience.

Speak or write a few hundred words and get it out there – it drives a level of consistency that is often absent from internal presentations. Measuring the engagement and forward rates gives hard data to make good investment decisions.

In conclusion: Your business blog is a powerful tool for validating your sales strategy

Your business blog can be a real asset to test and validate sales ideas. Whether you’re thinking about a new product or a new pitch, building the idea into a compelling blog post is one of the quickest and most effective ways to test market reaction.

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