The two types of blog topics that drive returns in B2B

You’ll get best returns from your blog when you balance topics between new ideas and solutions to common client problems.

  • Blogging about existing challenges validates your credibility in the market (by helping potential clients solve common problems)
  • Blogging about new ideas positions you as a thought leader in the market (and helps deepen conversations with your existing clients)


When you think about topics to write on your business blog – what should you focus on – existing problems or new ideas? There are really good reasons to do both in a B2B marketing context.

Here are some insights on how we think about this at TLP – for you to take away and think about for your ongoing business blog roadmap.

Blogging about solutions to common client problems establishes your credibility

The reason you blog about existing problems on your blog is to make sure you’re front of mind in your prospects’ heads as a credible solution to these problems. These posts (so should address some of the foundational issues that people may have in the space. It’s about bringing prospects to you and really establishing credibility.

Another important aspect is optimising for search – Google is vital because most of the time this is how content is going to be found and experienced. Especially, very early in the sales funnel when new prospects won’t have a relationship with you. It’s about establishing a basis for a relationship with you as a credible expert in the space.

Blogging about new ideas establishes you as an expert and helps differentiate against competitors

Writing about new ideas is the kind of content we refer to as thought leadership. When you’re talking about new ideas you’re extending the common thinking on the topic. You are not solving problems – rather you’re introducing them to something that they haven’t thought of. As a result the content has got to be much deeper.

This content must have an air of inevitability about it… so you’re not seen as just talking about whatever is front of mind (I’ll talk more about this in an upcoming blog post).

In this type of thought leadership content, you are setting out to differentiate against your competitors – so it is essential that your ideas are quite different. 

In conclusion:

As you work through with these two different kinds of content – New ideas vs. solutions; you’re going to see them return in different ways. The new ideas style posts will drive returns deeper down the sales funnel. They drive deeper conversations when you’re progressing through your sales pipeline. The solutions style posts will returns at the top of the funnel. When you do these posts well they will bring new prospects to you (the top level of the funnel).

In B2B, given you’re often dealing with quite long sales cycles, you definitely need both approaches to content. There is real importance in both filling the pipeline and driving people through it. It’s about getting that combination right for your business.

The action tip to take away here is just to balance the topics. Think about getting a good mix of both new ideas and solutions to problems. Doing this will extend the thinking of the idea that people have about the space and really provide a basis for you to have some great conversations with existing clients.

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