The secret to writing $200k+ EDMs

We’ve been having a lot of success writing some great B2B sales emails (EDMs) lately.

It’s an amazing experience, to sit here and see these emails take off. The past three campaigns we’ve built have delivered inbound enquiry lead value of $268,800, $192,500 and $415,480. Not bad for a few emails!

The results from a great EDM should explode into your inbox. And when you get problem/solution/offer/information right, that’s what happens. This was what my inbox looked like earlier this week after we’d just sent one of these campaigns:

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 3.43.25 pm

Through this work, we’ve spent a lot of time looking at what makes a specific email perform well.

Based on our experience and data, there’s really only one secret in getting EDMs to perform and drive sales. The key is that you must tap into a conversation that’s already going on inside your buyer’s head. 

If the buyer is already having a conversation in their head about the problem that you solve, it’s easy to join that conversation by way of email.

As most sales people will tell you, it’s very hard to convince someone that they have a problem if they haven’t already realised it. This is magnified in email sales – because you have less time, with less investment from the potential buyer.

If you’re not sure about the conversations that are happening inside your prospect’s heads, we can help you. Or you can get started yourself with some quick phone calls.

There’s some easy ways to understand the conversations that are going on in your client’s/prospect’s heads. The easiest is to talk to them and ask. Find ten clients who are most engaged with your current and set up a quick call.

Start this conversation with a series of hypothesis around what their problems are. Ask them about these problems from a number of perspectives. Then, importantly, shut up.

When the person on the other side of the table starts gushing forth about all the ways they’ve tried to solve a problem, and how much of a pain it is – you’ve found a painpoint that’s strong enough for an email campaign.

If you tap into a conversation already going on in the client’s head – you can get just about everything else wrong and still run a great campaign. Nothing matters as much as getting this right.

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