The new rules of public art… and your content marketing

By February 19, 2016Content marketing

We regularly discuss the idea that inspiration for great content can come from anywhere. To practice what we preach, I’ve butchered taken inspiration from a fantastic piece called The New Rules of Public Art

I’d really encourage you to get back to source and look at the original piece. You’ll get the idea quite quickly from my effort below that there’s some very creative inspiration that you can pull from this article when thinking about new content ideas and ways of approaching content marketing.

Public art lions

The New Rules of Public Art Content Marketing

Tired of the banal cookie-cutter art content dished up for public locations on every business website? The new rules break the old rules to encourage a more creative community content landscape.

Ever since public art content stepped off the pedestal and started ‘marketing’, artists writers have been told they should develop work that is responsive to place the products being sold.

Situations Director, Claire Doherty doesn’t agree. Tired of the banal cookie-cutter art clickbait dished up for public locations most businesses, she believes the essence of public art marketing with content is a set of conditions conversation rather than just a place promotion. While place product is part of the package, the conditions also include the people who frequent the area company, the time frames in which it is used and the circumstances surrounding it.

‘We begin from a more dynamic understanding of place the business than a physical site the product, inviting artists writers to contribute to the lived experience of a place customer,’ …‘We think and reflect on what happens when the spark of an idea is lit by a public artwork piece of content, and we bring in unexpected voices to open up that conversation. We share those ideas through dynamic events, websites and blogs, books and workshops,’

Rule 01: It doesn’t have to look like public art content marketing

Today public art content marketing can take any form or mode of encounter… ‘The days of bronze heroes 500 word clickbait and roundabout baubles listicles are numbered.’

Think outside the box – create situations that will surprise, delight and engage.

Rule 02: It’s not forever

Who said that Public Art content marketing must be permanent? ‘Places Customers don’t remain still and unchanged, so why should public art our conversations with them?’

Rule 03: Create space for the Unplanned

Commissioning public art content is not a simple design-and-build-process. Artwork Great content arrives through a series of accidents, failures and experiments… It is these moments of uncertainty and rethinking are the points at which the artwork best content comes into focus.

Let responses to the artwork content unfold over time and be open to the potential for unforeseen things to happen.

Rule 04: Don’t make if for a community. Create a community.

‘Community is rarely born out of geography a company, but rather out of common purpose.’

Be wary of predefining an audience.

Rule 05: Withdraw from the cultural content arms race

Towns and cities across the world are locked into a one-size fits all style of public art content marketing. In a culture of globalized brands and clone towns – and especially with the recent implosion of the creation of cultural precincts – we hanker after authentic, distinctive places perspectives.

Rule 06: Demand more than fireworks

Believe in the quiet, unexpected encounter as much as the magic of the mass viral spectacle. Transformation often occurs in the solitary moment or the simple shared moment of recognition – these are equally potent and powers public artworks content marketing.

Rule 07: Don’t embellish, Interrupt

Situations says: ‘Public art content is of the people customer and made with thepeople customer, but not always by the people customer … Trust the artist’s writer’s judgment, follow their lead and invest in their process.’

Rule 09: Welcome outsiders

Outsiders challenge our assumptions about what we believe to be true of a place problem. Embrace the opportunity to see through an outsider’s eyes

Rule 10: Don’t waste time on definitions

Is it sculpture content? Is it visual art social media? Is it performance marketing? Who cares! Don’t waste time on definitions.

There are more interesting questions to ask: Does it shake up your perceptions of the world around you, or your backyard? Do you want to tell someone else about it? Does it make you curious to see more?


Read the original article at The New Rules of Public Art