“So as a CEO, the thing I’m constantly looking for is leverage. How can I use my time to get more results? There are always more things than I have time to do, and so for me the process of working with TLP is a highly leveraged one.

There are a lot of topics that I like to talk about, but I can come in, spend a very focused period of time and off the back of that get written material, video material, content calendar, all of this stuff that otherwise I probably wouldn’t start.”

-Didier Elzinga, CEO at Culture Amp

“I think really, if you’re a CEO and you believe that communicating to your stakeholders is important and you believe that it’s going to help your business- which you should- but, if that’s the case then from my point of view this is the lowest cost way of achieving it. And it’s really the cost of your time and your effort and it’s so simple to do.

I spend, maximum, an hour and a half a month delivering all this great content, that if I could sit down and think about the topics, write it myself- forget about the video- that would take me days and I’d never do it. And that’s what I get out of this process. It’s fantastic.”

-Glen Rabie, CEO at Yellowfin

“I have no hesitation in recommending working with Steve and the team at Thought Leadership Partners. They have built a fantastic way for busy NEDs to create engaging content. They’re professional, and ask the right questions to really understand your opinion. I’ve published a number of pieces on controversial topics with great success – the views, likes, and comments just keep flowing in.”

-Diane Smith-Gander, Non-executive Director

“Working with Steve and the TLP team is a delight. They understand the time pressures, and have a great process to produce deep content with minimal time commitment.

I’d recommend working with Steve to any non-executive director or CEO. They’re smart, ask good questions and are easy to work with. The content the TLP team produced was deep, authentic and reflected my views on some pretty complicated topics. Highly recommended.”

– Lindsay Tanner, Non-executive Director

“Since I started working with Steve and the team at TLP, I’ve had a number of approaches to join boards. I’ve taken up one new non-executive directorship and spoken in a number of forums.”

– Russell Yardley, Non-executive Director

“Through the Expert 360 process you will learn things about your customers that are worth many, many times the investment. It gives us a strong foundation for all our future marketing.”

– Dr. John Cummins, Medical Director at Executive Medicine

“The process gave us really insightful feedback from our customers about their experience working with us. The report we received was invaluable, and we have used this to inform and focus our marketing activities towards meeting the needs of our customers.”

– Danny Gorog, VP Marketing at Melbourne IT