Our four-part manifesto to turn your customers into passionate brand advocates

One: Radical transparency to build a real human relationship where they are invested in the success of your business
Two: Case studies that make your clients look like superstars
Three: Saying thankyou, just because
Four: Bringing your clients inside the content creation process and presenting them as recognised industry leaders

Pillar one: radical transparency (it’s radical because it’s so uncommon from corporates)

  1. You’re looking to develop a real human relationship with your clients. You can only do that if you’re honest.
  2. You have to be transparent about the great, the good (and the ugly).
  3. If you’re not truthful about the bad, people will never believe the good.
  4. You need your customers heavily emotionally invested in making your business a home grown, global success story. You can only get emotional investment if you build a real human connection. To build a deeply human connection you have to tell the truth. You’ve got to be transparent about your successes (and your failures).
  5. Sometimes you will fuck up. Your clients know this. They will forgive you as long as you’re honest.

Pillar two: case studies that make your clients look like superstars

  1. Nobody ever said “I’m really looking forward to reading this case study about your product” .
  2. Case studies aren’t about you, or your product. they’re about making the client look like superstars.
  3. Fundamentally, your case studies are about your clients’ business (not your product). You are building the client’s brand (and you win by association).

Pillar three: saying thankyou, just because

  1. By showing your customers more appreciation, they’ll show you more in return.
  2. Say “thanks, just because”. With love from your business.
  3. Your customers are just a bunch of people who like to feel special as much as everyone else. You do that by just saying thanks. You must do it unprompted and without a catch.

Pillar four: bringing clients inside the content creation process

  1. Clients will create your most valuable content because it’s viewed as brand impartial.
  2. Your content must constantly highlight the success of your clients without any benefit to your brand (other than association).
  3. You want them to share your content and increase your reach, so you need to start by doing the same for them.