Build expert content, without the time commitment

Supported expert content means we can build you an industry leading content – without the time commitment. We turn a one-hour interview into five video supported blog/press articles, saving you at least 24 hours of time each month.

From each shoot we’ll deliver five in-depth articles, authentically written in your own voice with video highlights. We manage all deliverables (your only commitment is the one hour interview).

Why does expert content make sense?

A majority of CEOs, NEDs and executives understand the importance of regular content to:
1. Drive awareness
2. Build trust with key stakeholders (employees, customers, investors)
3. Define the industry agenda

But at the same time they struggle to find the time to create great content (for a benchmark, we see that to generate good returns from a blog takes at least 25 hours a month – which is a big commitment from one of your revenue generating experts).

We developed the supported expert content as a way to shortcut this time commitment – whilst delivering highly authentic content that drives returns.

 What is supported Expert Content?

Preparation is the key to great content

  • Delivering maximum leverage for your time comes through prompting you with interesting data and asking great questions.
  • We’re great at this – and know how to get you talking at the right level of depth for an attention poor audience.
  • We spend a number of hours in preparation, to make sure the interview delivers highly relevant content with high repurposability.
  • We thoroughly plan to ensure the interviews address topics at both micro and macro levels (which is key for reuse across multiple channels).
  • We also prompt you with key topical data that is then used to anchor the articles.

How our Expert Content offer works


We do extensive preparation, on the right topics and articles for you to publish


You’re interviewed on camera about these topics (your commitment is a one hour interview once a month)


Our journalists build five topic focused, transcription driven blog posts out of the interview


Because all content is built on your voice, there’s never ghost-writing issues with depth and credibility


You publish five, 500-700 word articles highlighting your expertise with copy and video highlights


We deliver fortnightly analytics detailing engagement and return on your investment

In an interview format you generate between 6-8,000 words each hour

It’s the most time effective way to generate completely authentic content