We deliver a highly customised c-level communications coaching program – designed to identify strengths and weaknesses, and then dramatically improve these over a short timeframe.

This coaching program is customised to the individual. Depending on communication maturity, target areas may include:

  • Understanding the ways communication is different at the C-level
  • Communication and presentation fundamentals at the C-level
  • Improving stage presence and credibility
  • Specialist techniques for talking to journalists and investors
  • Improving audience engagement
  • Responding to questions and delivering a focused message

This program has been built on our experience working with hundreds of top CEOs and non-executive directors.

A critical part of our approach is the upfront diagnostic and audit (where we talk to key stakeholders about the executive’s strengths and weaknesses). By integrating a range of stakeholders we can build awareness and urgency around any major issues. Hearing the problem in the voice of an important client or key investor drives rapid improvement and change.

If you want to be remembered as an expert and a thought leader, you must build advocates. To build advocacy, you need to understand how and why people value your experience.

Do you honestly know:
* How people perceive you?
* The language that people use to describe you when you’re out of the room?
* What people see as your strengths and weaknesses?
* The space you’re perceived as an expert in?
* The problems for which you’re the front of mind expert?
* The ways that people describe your expertise?
* The biggest weaknesses in the way you communicate and describe your expertise?

Truthful answers to these questions are the foundation for remembered expertise. But the only way to get an accurate feel for external perception is to ask your current advocates.

The expert communication audit is a 360 review process where we interview your colleagues, peers and clients to understand your true strengths and weaknesses. It’s a powerful foundation for thought leadership.

This program has been specifically designed for senior executives with substantial time pressures. No individual session runs for longer than 3 hours – with multiple crew in each workshop to ensure maximum improvement.

What’s covered in this coaching program:

The standard c-level program is five-module course delivered 1:1, with an upfront diagnostic and stakeholder audit to ensure we focus on the most substantial issues for the executive and their stakeholders.

Together with the executive, we’ll work through a detailed diagnostic and audit to identify strengths and weaknesses (modules one and two below).  On that basis, we work behind the scenes to build a tactical communications action plan. This plan gives the individual a customised range of tools to use in any communications situation.

These tools and techniques are practiced in three scenario-based workshops (modules three, four and five), building capability and confidence in a range of inbound and outbound communication scenarios.

A typical diagnostic and coaching program:


Module What’s involved: Logistics
1. Upfront diagnostic A workshop session designed to identify strengths, weaknesses and needs from the coaching program. Two-hour workshop delivered on site
2. Communications audit We conduct up to ten 20-minute interviews with employees, managers (or board members) and any other key stakeholder groups. Presents a holistic picture of current perception and key focus areas.


Phone based survey of up to 10 stakeholders
3. Consolidation and narrative Identifying key messages and overall narrative.  Starts with a heavy focus on consolidating strengths and perceiving weaknesses (on the basis of audit results).


Three-hour camera based workshop, with constant feedback and review
4. Outbound intensive Build speaking tools and techniques for delivering a message to an audience. We work through a range of speaking events and scenarios, connecting back to narrative and identified messaging.


Three-hour scenario based workshop in front of a camera, with constant feedback and review
5. Inbound intensive Media training for live interviews and TV. You’ll learn a selection of tools and techniques to control the conversation, whilst staying true to your narrative and personality. Three-hour scenario based workshop in front of a camera, with constant feedback and review



By the end of the program, the executive has spent nine hours in front of the camera, working specifically on strengths and weaknesses in a range of different scenarios.

They will walk away with a specific set of communication tools and techniques built for their strengths and weaknesses. And they have built confidence and capability across a range of scenarios they can expect to face over the next 18 months.

Program delivery and logistics:

We generally recommend the program be delivered over an eight-week window. This allows the time for consolidation between each session. It can be compressed to a shorter timeframe if you have specific business requirements.

Each session is be delivered with a video crew in the room. The coach works with the executive, while the video team record, highlight and cue examples of specific behaviours to reinforce learning.