Expert 360

  • The Expert 360 is a detailed starting point for building profile and trust at scale.
  • We focus on understanding how your key stakeholders perceive your strengths and weaknesses as an industry expert – allowing you to easily find and grow new advocates.
  • The process starts with a detailed upfront workshop – focused on understanding your goals and key perceived challenges.
  • Heavy focus on validation through 10+ stakeholder interviews (across peers, employees, customers and investors)
  • You receive a comprehensive 90 page report with detailed analysis and recommendations/action plan. This is the foundation for any communications or thought leadership campaign
  • Includes detailed work on your personal and career narrative, to make sure you’re front of mind for the right opportunities.
  • We offer separate versions of the Expert 360 for senior executives and non-executive directors. Each version is customised to common professional goals, challenges and obstacles.

For a preview of our approach, see this CEO trust and profile audit. If you’d like more detail, please contact us.

C-level communications coaching

We deliver a highly customised c-level communications coaching program – designed to identify strengths and weaknesses, and then dramatically improve these over a short timeframe.

This coaching program is customised to the individual. Depending on communication maturity, target areas may include:

  • Understanding the ways communication is different at the C-level
  • Communication and presentation fundamentals at the C-level
  • Improving stage presence and credibility
  • Specialist techniques for talking to journalists and investors
  • Improving audience engagement
  • Responding to questions and delivering a focused message

This program has been built on our experience working with hundreds of top CEOs and non-executive directors.

For more information, see this page.

Speaking and workshops

We offer two sessions, in either a workshop or keynote format:

Get started with B2B blogging as a lead generation tool

  • A practical session to help you get started with the strategy and process of using a blog as a lead generating, content marketing strategy. Designed for sales and marketing teams within B2B businesses looking to use blogging as a lead generation tool. Also accessible for executives of smaller businesses and startups looking to use blogging as a scalable lead acquisition channel.

Building personal thought leadership as a marketing strategy

  • A in-depth session on personal thought leadership as a marketing strategy. This is a targeted at CEOs, Non-Executive Directors and Senior Executives looking to build personal thought leadership as a marketing strategy. It is also highly relevant for the marketing teams supporting these individuals.

Both sessions are available as a 45 minute keynote, or 3 hour workshop. The keynote covers the same content but includes less practical examples and exercises.

For more information, see this page.

Bespoke consulting on trust, profile and narrative

At Thought Leadership Partners, we have deep experience solving complex communication and trust issues. We can work with you to solve specific challenges or build strategy to differentiate you or your business.

However – We’re open about saying that our consulting work is expensive. Great strategy is highly custom, and it takes time to understand your career and business in depth.

If you’d like more detail, please contact us.