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Tuesday teardown – In summary: 

  • Almost any image you can take on your mobile phone will be a better image than anything you can download from Google or a stock image website.
  • I use Naomi Simson (founder of Red Balloon and judge on Shark Tank Australia) to highlight how effective mobile phone blog images are when done well.

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Hi, I’m Steve Pell. I’m here to do another one of our TLP Tuesday Teardowns where we look at the science of digital marketing, with a real focus on b2b and complex sales. Today we’re going to talk about business blogging and specifically using images on your business blog. Now, we talk about this a lot on these Tuesday teardowns but that is because it is so important when we talk about engagement and when we talk about social sharing. Images play a really huge role in getting both of those things to happen.

We’ve talked about before in this series why your images need to be contextually integrated. So you’re not going for images that are just decoration. We’re going for images that are so contextually integrated to what it is you’re talking about in your articles, the stories that you’re telling, that you can’t skip over them, that they can’t just be scrolled over down the page, that the reader must stop, look and engage at the image as part of the whole story. When you achieve that, you’re well on the way to getting really good results around engagement, around social sharing.

Now, today, the example I’m going to use to highlight this done well and also a key tip in doing this really well, is Naomi Simson, who you might know as a founder of Red Balloon and also as one of the judges on Shark Tank Australia. You can see here, a very image centric blog. This is her personal blog: if you want to follow along.

The reason I’m going to use Naomi to highlight this is one of the key questions that I get from clients when we talk about images in blogs is, “But how do we do this well? How do we actually, without doing what we saw Platinum Asset Management do and go and commission an illustrator to come in and illustrate blogs for us, how do we generate these images in a time effective way while still being contextually integrated and not spending half a week on this? How do we actually go and do this?”

The key rule, and this is something that Naomi does really well, is that almost any image you can take on your mobile phone will be a better image than anything you can download from Google or a stock image website. As you can see here, and we’ll see when we scroll down this page, all of these images are taken by Naomi or a colleague on her iPhone, and they’re just part of the day-to-day at Red Balloon or whatever else she’s doing. Now, you’ll see here, they match in. Because they’re taken as part of her day-to-day, they match in really well to the articles that she’s talking about. They’re completed contextually integrated and they’re fantastically engaging.

Let’s scroll down and I’ll show you. You can see here the importance of peers networks and ideas for 2016. You’ve got Naomi at the Christmas party.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 5.13.07 PM

The power of crowds versus the power of many. I think this is one of her Shark Tank investments here that she’s posing with coming through.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 5.13.44 PM

In this post, she’s trying to sell you her book but instead of just a photo from Amazon, she’s actually taken a photo of it with her breakfast or whatever it may be here.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 5.13.59 PM

Again, great contextual integration into bringing you into her life so you really feel like you’re a part of the story. It works very well.

You can scroll down here. I think there’s 900 blog posts or something like that on this site. We won’t go through all of them. It’s all done very well, and it’s not expensive. This is just her with the phone, taking photos as she goes through her day-to-day.

That’s the key recommendation for you as we talk about getting great images for your business blog. Anything you can take on your phone, wandering around, inside your business will be a better photo than anything you can download from Google, or get from a stock website. It will drive better engagement. You’ll get better sharing. It’s personal. It’s contextual and it does make you want to read these articles.

That’s all for me today in this Tuesday teardown. If you’ve got questions, please jump into the comments below. Otherwise, we’ll see you next week for another Tuesday teardown. I’m Steve Pell. Thanks a lot.

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