Is your website fun to read? The Katana1 example

By November 20, 2015Tuesday teardown

In summary

  • In this Tuesday teardown we’re looking at Katana1, an Australian data analytics company
  • Don’t be boring – Your website should have personality, be interesting (and even fun to read)
  • Your website is your number one salesperson. Build a relatable personality for your website, and you’ll see more engagement.

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Transcript of the teardown

Hi, I’m Steve Pell. I’m here to do another one of our B2B marketing teardowns where we look at business websites from a practical perspective to help you learn about better B2B content and digital marketing.

Today, I’m looking at Katana1 which is a data analytics website. They’re an Australian company. They’re growing really fast and have won a bunch of awards on the Deloitte Fast 50 and the BRW Fast 100 lists. There’s a lot to learn, but the key thing to take away from this teardown is the power of having some personality on your website.

You look at Katana1 and they’re selling something that a lot of people would say is not that interesting. Data and analytics has the potential to be quite boring. But these guys have done a fantastic job of pulling personality out of this area and building a interesting, fun-to-read website.

If you look here, this is what they do, they’re analytics people. They also “provide documentation”. They’ll tell you six times, so they’re pulling out their key points of difference – it’s designed to be a little bit funny, a little bit quirky.

If you come through here as well, you’ll see one of their key staff members is Yoda. Even in their service offerings they’re talking about “Amazon AWS” and “Splunk that Shit”. It’s funny. It’s not taking itself too seriously despite the area. As you get stuck into this website, there’s a lot of evidence that these guys are technical experts in what they do. But at the same time they’ve got personality coming out very strongly.

One of the reasons why this matters is if you think about your website as your number one salesperson, a boring sales person doesn’t sell anything. They have got to have personality and put a face on your company that’s interesting. That’s what your website should do. If it’s a person, what kind of personality does it have?

There’s some data around the power of conversational language on your website.

DemandGen did some research and found that 75% of buyers were sick of the sales speak on normal websites. In that context, something like this really does cut through. We’ll post a lead to that website down below, and you can have a look at the research and come back to it.

The key takeaway here, if there’s just one, is that your website needs a personality. Corporate speak is not enough. You’re in B2B but that still means you’re selling person to person.

The people that you’re buying from want to know who you are. They want a personality. They want a face. They want something to remember you by. So build the personality into your website wherever you can and make that shine through.

Do this and you’ll have a much better conversion experience – People will spend much, much longer on your website.

The impact here is Katana1 would have great analytics around the amount of time visitors spend on the site, and nice low bounce rates (people staying on the site to find out more about this company). That’s what you’re going to get when you have a bit more personality coming through on your website.

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