Is your email worth more or less than $50?

Letter Carrier Delivering Mail

The email address is the holy grail of B2B digital marketing…

When you boil down what we do in B2B digital marketing, a lot of our work is coming up with new ways to capture the email address of prospects that are visiting your website. And like most good things in life, you have to give value if you want to get value.

So if you want to capture an email address of a prospect, the question that I’m thinking about is how much value do you need to give?

In other words, how much value does someone visiting your website need to perceive, in a dollar sense, to give you their email?

I’m going to put a rough stake in the ground and say that for me, it’s equivalent to a decent sized book. Which I’d put at about $50. So if I think giving you my email address will deliver me more than $50 in value, you’ll get my email… otherwise I’ll keep browsing.

From a marketing perspective, this has great implications for your website. Do you offer $50 worth of value? How much value does your website offer right now?

Your personal email may or may not be worth $50. But it’s still worth something significant. The #1 job of your website is to persuade visitors just how valuable handing over that email address will be (in a very credible, professional, and non scammy way).

Thinking about this in a pure dollar sense can help a lot in terms of clarity of your value proposition.