Forming habit is more about when, than what

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With all our work in content marketing, we try and deliver once a day or once a week.

If you want to stay front of mind, make it easy for your readers / content consumers to understand when they’re going to receive content from you.

In our experience there’s only really two frequencies that are habit forming for content: once a day or once a week.

Try it out on your experience:

  • It’s easier to remember to take an action at 9am every day, than it is 9am every Monday (but not by that much).
  • It’s incredibly hard to remember to do something 9am every third Wednesday.

The best way guarantee returns is to get your clients addicted to your content. To get people addicted to anything requires habit. And it’s incredibly hard to build a habit, unless you fit a daily or weekly pattern.

The idea of habit forming behaviour is fundamental in psychology. It’s the reason that the doctor has you taking pills every day (despite the fact that for many drugs you may only need to take once every 2 days to ensure effectiveness). The medical profession knows that giving you a placebo every second day helps to build a habit that ensures you don’t forget your medicine.

The key takeaway: Distributing content on a daily or weekly schedule will boost your open and engagement rates.