#CultureCode – The defining HR trend of 2016?

By March 3, 2015Uncategorized

#CultureCode – The defining HR trend of 2016?

I’m going to go on record and say that I think the #culturecode will be the defining HR trend of 2016.

This is a big disruptive movement in HR that’s intersecting marketing and management.

The movement was really started in 2009, with the release of the Netflix culture code document. The Netflix #culturecode document was publicly released by the CEO in 2009 – largely to boost recruiting efforts. It’s been a viral phenomenon, being viewed over 11m times since.

The #culturecode pheonomenon has really only hit full steam over the past year. T-mobile, IHG and Dell are major US companies to recently jump onto the #culturecode trend.

For a quick understanding of why we’re saying this will be a key trend for 2016, have a look at this chart, of #culturecode uploads to Slideshare:

Culturecode growth

From a slow start, we’re seeing an exponential uptick – supported by some of the biggest names in US business (as well as some early starters in Australia).

Based on this data, we think that the competitive pressure across the ASX200 is 18-24 months away. We’ve seen the early adopters in the Australian tech sector release culture documents recently – so we don’t think we’re that far away from seeing major Australian corporates really kicking off the trend.