Why the best content is getting shorter and longer (at the same time)

Tug of war

The best opinion articles are getting shorter.

If you’ve got an opinion – there’s an expectation that you need to be able to fit the opinion into a pithy quote.

Seth Godin is a great example of this end of the spectrum.

At the same time, the best resource articles are getting longer.

A great resource article now pushes 4-5k words, with up to 30+ links, pictures, graphs, embeds etc.

The QuickSprout blog by Neil Patel is a great example at this long end of the spectrum

Why is content getting longer and shorter at the same time?

The best explanation is the 10x content idea originally pushed by Rand Fishkin at Moz and is also very well explained in this Thoughtworks blog).

The idea: Good content is no longer enough. To succeed, your content must be extraordinary (10x better than the competition).

Opinions are better and more memorable when they’re more concise. So the best opinions are the shortest opinions. But resources are better when they’re longer. So the best resources are growing longer.

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